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Born in Belgrade. Paediatrician by vocation. Apart from her profession she is involved in theatre, music and writing books for both adults and children. For the past eight years she has explored stone in a unique way.
" It all started in 2007, unexpectedly and without any preparations" says Mirjana Herzog." At the seaside I saw a stone with an imprint of life in our world. It was no longer just a stone! Now, after eight years, I think I can "read" any stone! Sometimes an image in the stone seems more beautiful than the one in "our world". The stone world is sophisticated and should be explored. It is near us; by the sea, on river banks, by the streams, in small and big cities, mountains, yards....everywhere.
I make photografs, yet I am not a photographer. I am simply a good "reader" of what can be "read" in the stone. Pictures are entitled by the projection of what I see, but they offer a possibility for everyone else to see them in their own way. I think that joy and excitement I get from this work comes from its huge diversity. In stone lies an imprint of a world with strength and aesthetics I haven't known before."

With her friend she founded a team which help realise this project. Members go team: Ivan Ilich, Dejan Radojkovich, Dushica Zivkovich, Igor Ilich and David Herzog.


    Thought about Dali

    My grandfather laid his courtyard with stone before World war II.
    How did, among grandfathers stones, today appear one, image in the stone - a thought about Dali?
    Maybe a stone is nothing more but a flying thought?
    Maybe it was all devised by Dali!

    Peter the Great's shoes

    At the Natalia Nikolayevna's soiree Vladimir Iljinichni was also present. He had a white beard and discreetly moist lip angles. He spoke quietly.
    "Natasha, dear, I wish to tell you something that none else can know. Yes, yes, a great secret I shall tell. To you only."
    "Don't Vladimir Iljinichni, I don't like secrets that none should know, and usually everyone already knows them"
    "Oh, no, no Natalia Nikolayevna, it is very important! I want you to know....Listen. Peter the Great, our Tsar, our Emperor, had very small feet. He's shoe number was about 37. He was very tall, 2m and 3cm. Small feet, with he's big body, bothered him greatly. Instability, you see! He was a genius, was he not! And what did the genius do? He made his own big shoes. He would first put on his little shoes, then he's big ones. Then he would travel through Russia and the whole World. Big Tsar with big shoes!"
    "O, my God, is this true?" said Natalia Nikolayevna.
    "Natasha dear, maybe it is, maybe it's not? Who knows?
    Emperor threw he's worn out shoes into the sea, ofcourse he had knew one's with him. No one was allowed to see the Emperor put on his new big shoes. Tsar's Great Secret!...Natalia Nikolayevna, please, why is there no more vodka in this house? You are cruel towards me tonight!"


    What can a mask do?
    A mask can defend, to be someone else and to hide.
    A mask can love, ask for help, teach it's child.
    A mask can cry and laugh.
    A mask can forget it's a mask.
    A mask can return to Self.

    Great event

    Everyone gathered, combed and all dressed.
    They went out to the square.
    The leader is coming!
    The wait was long.
    They started to murmur and stir.
    The children were shouting: "He won't come! He won't come!"
    Grownups shushed them.
    The leader didn't come.

    Winter 1914

    Grandfather sent a letter from Corfu to his, still immature, sons who had just learned to read and write. The letter was delivered by his distant cousin, a short man, not very bright, who did know a few french words, so he found a way to get out of the war. Truth be told, a bullet had chipped his upper arm, so he wore an bandaid.
    The letter said: "....I don't owe anything. Look after your mother and sisters. Don't smoke. Take care of the cattle. If you come into difficulty sell two cows. Call people, who are still there, to help you. Pay their wages as is fitting..
    If the Lord helps me return, we'll do everything together.
    your father Mladen

    Quarrel for no reason.

    "You said a bird flew by."
    "No, I didn't say that."
    "You didn't? Yes you did!"
    "No, no! Why would I say a bird flew by, if it didn't."
    "Maybe you intended to say a bird flew down?"
    "Well, if it flew down it didn't flew by. Do you understand the difference between "flew by" and "flew down"? Do you know what I mean?"
    "No, I don't"
    "So there it is - you don't understand."
    "I dont understand? Be careful what you're saying!"
    "What I am saying? You should be careful, not I"
    "You should be ashamed of yourself!"
    "No, you should!"


    Niceness is hidden: in babies hair, in one fibber of spiders web, in a line that a child draws with a pencil, in the small bird shimmer, in mother's voice, in the wing of a white butterfly, in a warm summer rain, in a painters hand, cat's paw, in child's fingers, in a dream....
    And in love.

    Boy with freckles

    Freckled boy's mother was desperate when he was born. None in their family had so much freckles!
    He grew up. He was handsome. Still freckled.
    He studied physics at Cambridge.
    He became a physicist and the pride of his non-freckled family.


    Everyone gathered by the white and clear river; men with a head of a beautify horse, friars, priests, muftis, women with white scarfs, big-wing butterflies, nuns, monks, voices, birds, dwarfs, horse thieves, fish-girls....In the dark by the river.
    The devil waited for his moment. it happened just before dawn.

    Joy in difference

    Mother was white. Father was black.
    Mother had straight hair. Father had wavy.
    Mother had green eyes. Father's were black.
    Mother deemed on her own language. Father dreamed on his.
    In the house they spoke a common one.
    Their children were merry.

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